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Guidance - Travel plans

Travel Plan Coordinator

The appointment of a Travel Plan Coordinator is crucial to your account, as there must be a point of contact to negotiate the successful implementation of the Travel Plan.

Responsibilities of the Travel Plan Coordinator:

  • presenting a business case to secure a budget for Travel Plan development
  • overseeing the development and implementation of the Travel Plan on a day to day basis
  • obtaining and maintaining commitment and support from senior managers, staff, union representatives etc.
  • designing and implementing effective marketing and awareness-raising campaigns to promote the Travel Plan
  • coordination of Steering Groups, Working Groups etc
  • undertaking annual Staff Travel Surveys, promoting the survey to staff to ensure a good level of participation
  • liaising with different departments (e.g. human resources, estates, facilities)
  • liaising with external organisations (e.g. local authorities)
  • coordinating the monitoring programme for the Travel Plan, including target setting and making necessary changes if the targets are not being met

It is important to have the support of your Senior Management, and to encourage them to lead by example.

Focus Groups are also a great way to include staff and encourage them to take part and have their say in the Travel Plan process. Involving and listening to them will help inspire them to take ownership.

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