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Guidance - Travel plans

Understanding current travel patterns

Before you can decide on which measures to include in your Travel Plan, various surveys should be organised in order to gain an understanding of the existing transport conditions relevant to your site and its surrounding environment, as well as the amount of travel which will be generated by your organisation.

To do this you will need to undertake:

A Brief Site Assessment

This provides an overview of the existing transport links serving your site and the facilities available, for example, cycle parking and car parking etc. It is important that you collect as much information as possible at this stage and if appropriate, this can be carried out before the staff survey so that the questions you are asking to your staff are relevant.

Staff Travel Survey

In order to ascertain current employee travel habits, the initial Staff Travel Survey should be carried out within the first three months of occupation. After carrying out the survey, you can assess the potential for reducing single car occupancy.

The survey is sent out through your organisation's network for staff to complete themselves. Each organisation has different needs and there may be some instances where staff may need a paper copy or access to a computer or tablet.

You should aim to carry out your travel surveys at the same time each year and try to avoid Mondays, Fridays, bank and school holidays.

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