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Sustainable travel statement

A Sustainable Travel Statement is suitable for all developments which do not fall within the scope for a Travel Plan and do not constitute minor development. It provides the tool to promote sustainable travel in a more streamlined way than a Travel Plan by delivering direct measures rather than targets. Its purpose is to allow the developer to understand and explain exactly how people will travel to and from the site, including the difficulties associated and how they plan to tackle them. A Sustainable Travel Statement has the same objectives as a Travel Plan, but simplifies the process where appropriate.

A Sustainable Travel Statement will often build on the contents of a Transport Statement/Transport Assessment. It will typically include:

  • site context
  • details of existing travel patterns to and from the site*
  • staff and visitor travel survey results*
  • the incentive to travel more sustainably
  • any factors impeding sustainable travel to and from the site
  • list of Sustainable Travel Measures proposed

* as applicable

In line with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), attention must also be given to the following:

  • accommodating the efficient delivery of goods and supplies
  • giving priority to pedestrian and cycle movements, and having access to high quality public transport facilities
  • creating safe and secure layouts which minimise conflicts between traffic and cyclists or pedestrians, and where appropriate, establishing home zones
  • incorporating facilities for charging plug-in and other ultra-low emission vehicles
  • considering the needs of people with disabilities by all modes of transport

When a Transport Statement or Transport Assessment is provided, some of the above may have already been addressed. In such cases, it is not necessary to provide a separate document for the Sustainable Travel Statement. The aim remains to ensure the developer is always seeking to improve sustainable travel.

The Sustainable Travel Statement will provide the site information necessary to deliver sustainable travel measures for a particular site which are relevant and meaningful. These measures will be on-site facilities and incentivisation schemes to enable and encourage sustainable travel choices to staff and visitors. Measures will typically comprise 'baseline' interventions that can easily be evidenced and verified by the planning and highway authority.

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