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Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

bike shelter

"There's been a general raised awareness around healthy travel options since our awarded grant. A couple of staff have begun walking in, which is a direct result of encouraging people to think differently.

We have two regular cyclists now and have had one or two site visitors use their bikes to attend meetings. Physically, the bike shed has been a great "advert" for visitors and it was this that told the visitors they could cycle in."

Tudor Price, Head of Business Development, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, Ashford

East Kent ITeC

car park

"We would like to thank you for the sustainable travel grant this year. It has enabled us to provide a great bike shed and associated pathway for both our staff and our clients (who are usually unemployed adults undertaking IT Training courses).

Now that the weather is better, we have seen a marked increase in the number of students making use of the bike facilities. Also, some of our staff who previously would probably not have considered cycling, have begun to cycle to work.

We found the application process very straightforward."

Julie Baldoc, East Kent ITeC, Margate

Ripple Farms

"Thanks for this, we are very pleased with our bike rack. Our staff are happy that they now have somewhere secure to lock up their bikes whilst at work.

One thing I have thought of as an idea for bigger businesses is to have an electric bike to hire out to staff, this may well encourage new cyclists, as you can take some of the hard work out of cycling and gradually do more yourself as you get fitter. Also good for someone who needs to carry quite a bit of stuff in with them."

Mirelle Frost, Director, Kent Enterprise Trust, Herne Bay

Ripple Farm Organics

Town and Country Cleaners

"Town and Country Cleaners Ltd have consistently looked to explore technology solutions to reduce travel which in turn reduces carbon emissions. Working alongside Sustrans,video conferencing an organisation who assisted us in accessing funding from Kent County Council, we were able to purchase equipment to facilitate Skype conferencing.

Initially the primary function was to reduce travel and to contribute to one of our ISO 14001 environmental objectives in reducing fuel and travelling.

Working in partnership with RBS Mentor Employment Law Services, we saw the opportunity to provide distance learning using this technology initiative. The system allows for the presenter to display their own screen and also allows both presenter and training candidates to see one another.

We undertook training on 3 key subjects. Our Contract Managers all took part and found this media interactive and as good as having a training session with a 'live' presenter.

The benefits are far reaching. The travelling time saving, the fuel saving and of course the reduction in carbon emissions all fits into with our company mission statement 'Working to Clean Your Environment'."

Kent Enterprise Trust

"Since our cycle parking instalment and our new clothes drying facilities, we've seen an increase in walking, running and cycling and have even won a Healthy Business Award!"

Mirelle Frost, Director, Kent Enterprise Trust, Herne Bay

Kent Enterprise Trust
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