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Encouraging active travel

If you're hoping to improve the health and fitness in your workplace but stuck for ideas, here are some of our suggestions that you can start today, and even use as ideas for a capital grant.

  • Set-up a Cycle to Work Scheme for your Company. This allows your staff to purchase a bike tax-free and pay monthly instalments which will come directly out of their paycheque for 12 months.
  • Encourage walking meetings! Get the blood pumping, and endorphins going - you'll notice an increase in motivation, concentration and a boost in attitudes.
  • Try out some of the walks and cycle routes suggested by Explore Kent
  • Introduce a mileage allowance for those cycling to and from work and/or for business purposes.
  • Install shower facilities, changing rooms, and/or lockers.
  • Review the condition of the walkways and cycle routes on and adjacent to your site and provide and plan upgrades.
  • Provide cycling and walking routes for staff.
  • Set up guided walks and cycle rides for staff.
  • Provide well-lit and conveniently located cycle parking, shelters or stands.
  • Provide office bikes for traveling to meetings (Bromptons are great as they're comfortable to ride, but also fold up for convenience)
  • Provide cycle safety & repair kits to all staff who cycle.
  • Provide regular cycle maintenance sessions such as Dr Bike
  • Provide cycle training tailored to staff needs
  • Provide insurance to cover those cycling for business travel.

Encouraging public transport & car sharing

Perhaps if your staff and visitors live too far to travel actively, you can still help promote public transport and car sharing. Here are some of our ideas to help inspire you:

  • Join Kent Journey Share - a free car sharing platform which tells you if someone is travelling your way.
  • Plan your journeys on Kent Connected, a sustainable travel planning website which will also give you extra information on travelling sustainably in your area.
  • Print and promote the most up to date public transport timetables and ensure these are available for staff and visitors
  • If your business is remote, you can provide shuttle buses that link to railway stations and town centres.
  • Provide interest-free loans for public transport season tickets for staff.
  • Encourage your staff and visitor to use public transport for business travel.
  • Did you know Ashford International, Canterbury West and Tonbridge rail stations have cycle hire facilities? You can hire a Brompton bike for just £2.50 per day.
  • If all else fails, could you encourage your staff to work from home or work remotely? You could use the grant as an opportunity to apply for new IT equipment, cloud software, or video conferencing to avoid having to travel at all.

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